Wellspring Therapeutic Massage

Tracy Wallis

90 minutes of full body aromatherapy massage using hot rocks. Tracy specialises in pain and stress relief,using her extensive training to customise an experience especially for you.

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Tracy Wallis

Sue Moore,Grower

Saffron Croft

Saffron has to be handpicked – it takes about 150 flowers to make a single gram.  


It must be collected on the morning the flower opens and each stigma (the red bit) removed and dried immediately so is very labour intensive.

A few threads dissolved (infused) in water or oil are added to breads, rice, eggs and many other dishes during cooking to create a master dish.

You can purchase Ohura grown Saffron via Facebook or email. We can post to anywhere in the World.

$15 per 1/2 gram in a gorgeous keepsake jar.



Ohura Well-being Centre

Liesbeth Kouwenberg

Doreen Marsden

We offer a range of treatments that aim to improve general health and support immunity. The intent is to revitalise the living forces, bringing warmth, harmony and balance to the physical body and mental well being.

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Liesbeth Kouwenberg

RgoN, Member ANANZ, Grad Dip

Ph;; 0221283317

Doreen Marsden

RgoN, Grad Dip

Ph; 022 523 8603

Director, Alchemy NZ Ltd

Michelle Dolheguy

Qualified practitioner in the field of Aromascience, holding an internationally recognised certification from Aromaflex Academy in Nelson, NZ.

Alchemy NZ provides guests with a luxury skincare pamper experience, located in The Oasis, Ohura. Alchemy Botanicals are skincare products designed for your skin, not the retail shelf!


Made of all natural, beneficial ingredients, this exclusive product line is available only at The Oasis.

Michelle in The Oasis.jpg

Michelle Dolheguy

022 0800 848